K. Serraos/A. Vlachou/P. Hudson..., Innovative urban planning Approaches, 2023

K. Serraos/A. Vlachou/P. Hudson..., Innovative urban planning Approaches, 2023

This publication is prompted by a Special Session on a related topic, organized by the editor of this book in the framework of the 5th International Conference on “Changing Cities V: Spatial, Design, Landscape, Heritage and Socio-Economic dimensions” (20-25 June 2022, Corfu Island, Greece). The aim of this collective work is to investigate the concept and content of the term “innovation” in the highly interdisciplinary field of Urban Planning, highlighting –through appropriate theoretical approaches and case studies– the type, the range, and the depth of its possible features.

The participating distinguished authors have, to their credit, very interesting research activity and they cover a wide range of specialized subjects, as well as scientific fields connected to the sciences of space.

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1. Introduction

Part 1 Urban Planning tools


Colouring Athens: A crowdsourcing platform for the collection

of data on Athens’ building stock

Konstantinos Serraos, Athina Vlachou, Polly Hudson, George Panagiotopoulos, Epaminondas Tsigkas, Tom Russell, Falli Palaiologou, Vasiliki Charalampidou


Working with communities. Promoting SDGs in design and

planning workshops

Byron Ioannou, Lora Nicolaou, Gregory Kalnis


The Special Spatial Framework for RES and Subsequent

Regional Spatial Frameworks

Dimitris Melissas


Development of a multicriteria decision making system for the evaluation of the cultural assets of a place

Eleni Linaki


Cycling in Athens in light of the institutionalized standards

for cycling infrastructure planning

Charalmpos Kyriakidis, Trisevgeni Papagerasimou-Klironomou,

Ioannis Chatziioannou and Efthimios Bakogiannis

Part 2 Urban planning policy


Control of off-plan development through access roads: from “roadless mountains” to “roadless areas”

Georgia Spiliopoulou


Towards a renewed role of spatial planning in disaster

emergency management in Greece

Miranda Dandoulaki


Environmental planning directions in peri-urban residential

areas and scattered settlements vulnerable to forest fires

Nikos Pangas, Elias Apostolidis


Enhancing the Resilience of Greek Coastal Cities through

Spatial Planning

Miltiadis Lazoglou


The integration of Sustainability in the Greek Spatial

Planning Policy

Anastasia Tasopoulou, Evangelos Asprogerakas


Memory and cultural heritage as drivers for spatial design

and planning

Riva Lava, Theodora Chatzi Rodopoulou


Acting as a Healthy City

Konstantinos Asikis, Marta Rofin Serra, Sofia Aivalioti,

Sebastiaan van Herk, Irene Kakaitsa, Routh Gow


Urban scale digital twins and socio-technical perspectives

in urban planning decision-making

Marianna Charitonidou

Part 3 Urban Planning methodology


Elements of the theory of urban indicators and the

approach of the self-regulated planning indicators

Ioannis Pissourios


A methodological approach for developing institutionalized integrated sustainable energy and climate action plans:

The 2ISECAP project

Anastasia Tasopoulou, Christian Zuidema, Miguel Fernández Maroto,

Christos Tourkolias, Ioanna Giannouli, Rozanne Spijkerboer, Cathy Christidou


Built-up area, population density and carrying capacity

estimation: A new methodological approach

Panagiotis Voulellis, Αmalia Koudouni, Μaria Tziraki,

Christina Karakizi, Κonstantinos Serraos


A proposal for a spatial strategy methodology.

The Vamvakou case

Vasiliki Charalampidou

Part 4 Urban Planning practice


Reclaiming disused railway infrastructure through

innovative urban planning practices. The case of “Kozani’s

OSE City Park”

Georgia Gkoumopoulou, Amalia Koudouni, Konstantinos Serraos


Sparta. A historic city in transition. Urban planning from

the 19th to the 21st century

Konstantinos Serraos


Redefining 21st century’s planning through soil and

culture: The case of the historic Greek city Sparta

Christiana (Christiani) Tzamou


Innovative approaches of urban design in the coastal

landscape: The Albanian Riviera

Athanasios Pagonis


Planning and designing across a living trace: the case of

the Pelion railway

Marina Aliki Deffner


Phoenix: Regeneration of Mati settlement in Attica

Polyxeni Avgoustinou, Dimitra Chantzakou


Reconsidering sustainable mobility patterns in urban

business clusters’ planning: Kifisias Avenue, Athens

Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, Charalampos Kyriakidis and Efthimios Bakogiannis

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