International challenges to peace and security in the new millennium, 2010

International challenges to peace and security in the new millennium, 2010

The Institute of International Public Law and International Relations of Thessaloniki was founded in 1966. It is a training and research institution subsidized by the Greek State.
According to its statute, the Institute consists of four departments: Department of Public International Law, Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, Department of International and European Organisations and Department of Greek Foreign Policy.
The activities of the Institute aim at the advancement of international studies. The Institute also provides Tribunals, law preparing commissions of the Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Committees with legal counsel on questions of international law.
The Institute contributes to the promotion of knowledge in all subjects of international studies through its publications, which include the following series:
1. “Thesaurus Acroasium” - 32 volumes containing lectures delivered during the annual sessions of courses organized by the Institute, as well as research papers by participants in these courses.
2. “International Friendship” - 13 volumes including doctoral theses and monographs written mainly by young foreign researchers.
3. “Research Publications” - collection of 17 volumes, consisting of doctoral theses dealing with Public International Law, International Relations and History of International Relations.
4. “Jus Gentium” - 20 volumes about the theory and practice of International Law, European Law and the Law of International Organisations.
5. “Jus Publicum” - 6 volumes including studies focusing on Constitutional and Administrative Law.
6. “Hellenic Review of International Relations” - This series of 6 volumes covers developments on contemporary issues of International Relations.

The Institute intends to launch the Greek Journal of Inter-national Law and Policy. This Journal will be published twice a year and will include contributions related to International Law, European Community Law, International Relations, International Politics and Diplomacy. The Journal is designed to provide a source of authoritative and up-to-date information on current international issues and will be an essential reading for academics, researchers, international lawyers, experts in international affairs and diplomats.
Since 1973, the Institute organizes summer sessions of courses with the participation of eminent academics, diplomats, experts, international judges and officers of interna-tional organizations. The purpose of these annual courses is to encourage a thorough and impartial examination of theoretical and practical problems arising from international relations in the field of law, such as: “Peace and Human Rights”, “East-West Relations”, “Universalism and Regionalism in the estab-lished international system”, “The evolution of International Law since the creation of the United Nations”, “The Law of the Sea”, “International Responsibility”, “Might and Right in International Relations” etc.
Moreover, the Institute organizes conferences, seminars, round table discussions and lectures. The Institute has the only Depository Library of the United Nations in Northern Greece and also possesses an excellent library and documentation centre which are open to all those interested in international studies.
In recognition of its significant contribution to the promotion of peace as set forth by the General Assembly of the United Nations in the Proclamation of the International Year of Peace, the Secretary-General of the Organization designated the Institute as a “Peace Messenger”.

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International challenges to peace and security in the new millennium
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The Institute.

Cu ra to ri um In ter na tion ale.

Governing Board of the Institute.



B. STERN L’elargissement du rôle du Conseil de Securité

dans le maintien de la paix: De la lutte contre

l’apartheid au combat contre le terrorisme


G. HAFNER Selected issues of state succession – Modern

tendencies. A practice oriented approach

R. ZACKLIN The contribution of international judicial

mechanisms to the maintenance of international

peace and security

T. TREVES Judicial settlement of disputes and international

peace and security

B. VUKAS Humanitarian aid and humanitarian intervention

R. MÜLLERSON The law of use of force at the turn of the millennia

D. MOMTAZ La protection de la population civile au cours

des conflits armés

V. COUFOUDAKIS The United States and the world in the postcold

war era: Toward a new world order?

M. KOSKENNIEMI The turn to ethics in international law




Tutor: Dr. J. REHMAN

S. CHEN The Taiwan question: Past, present and future

L. ERDELSKA The action of the United Nations Security

Counsil after 11 September 2001 – Implementation

of the Security Council Resolution

(2001) on 28 September 2001 on combating

terrorism into the national laws of the United

Nations member states and domestic law of

the Slovak Republic.

J. ERNE Role of regional organisations concerning

challenges to peace and security in the new

millennium – The european perspectives

F. LEIDENMÜHLER The rise and fall of public international law

structural changes after September 11, 2001?

H. SPADINA Humanitarian law – Rights of the refugees and

internally displaced persons

M. TEICHMANN Terrorism, counterterrorism and global

society: Exploring a future playing field



A. GRANOVA Information warfare: International criminal

law perspective

J. KITTRICH Anticipatory self-defense: Hidden aggression

or lawful use of force?.

G. PORTER - N. JACOBS The international convention against the reproductive

cloning of human beings; the treaty

that never was?


Tutor: Dr. N. ZAIKOS

G. YASTI Humanitarian assistance in natural disasters.

A case study: Greece and Turkey.

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