L. Kotsiris, Law at the turn of the 20th Century, 1993

L. Kotsiris, Law at the turn of the 20th Century, 1993

On the eve of the third millennium social and economic relations, science and technology have developed at an unusually accelerated speed. Interaction among these factors brought changes of a varying impact upon the quality of life in different geographical areas. Law and jurispendence had to keep pace with changes, on a local as well as on an international scale, to avoid dead-ends, find new ways and methods for internal and international rule. This volume responds to how satisfactory has their performance been and what is there still to be achieved.

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Law at the turn of the 20th Century
International Conference, Thessaloniki 1993
© 1993
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Προσθήκη στη λίστα επιθυμητώνΠροσθήκη στη λίστα επιθυμητών

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