S. Devetzi, Minimum Income in Old Age, 2023

S. Devetzi, Minimum Income in Old Age, 2023

In June 2022 a conference was organized in Fulda. Experienced researchers and university teachers gathered to discuss questions on minimum income in old age from a comparative and European law perspective. All the topics are presented in the chapters of this book.

14 Participants have contributed to make this study possible, sharing their national experiences, highlighting the key issues of discussion as a starting point for the comparative legal analysis and addressing the European law questions and human rights perspective, especially concerning older persons.

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Minimum Income in Old Age
a legal comparison of selected European countries
© 2023
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1. Stamatia Devetzi: Introduction

2. Yves Stevens and Paul Schoukens: Minimum income in old age - The case of Belgium: plea for a universal income for pensioners?

3. Elias Felten: The Austrian compensatory supplement - a crucial social benefit for safeguarding minimum income in old age

4. Hans-Joachim Reinhard: The new basic pension supplement in Germany

5. Maria Salas Porras: The situation of retired and displaced elderly people in Europe. A review of legal mechanisms to fight poverty from the Spanish perspective

6. Eufrasia Sena: Minimum income in old age: The case of Italy

7. Anna Tsetoura: Guaranteed minimum pensions under the Regulation of Coordination on social security systems: The case of Greece

8. Olga Angelopoulou: Ongoing crises and limits to the reductions of social security rights: The case of Greece

9. Thomas Erhag: Guaranteeing a minimum income in old age: The case of Sweden

10. Frans Pennings: Minimum income in old age in the Netherlands

11. Leszek Mitrus: Minimum income in old age: The case of Poland

12. Effrosyni Bakirtzi: Minimum income in old age: A human rights perspectives and approach

13. Stamatia Devetzi: Minimum income in old age: Comparative aspects and European law issues

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