Revue Hellénique de Droit International, 2008

Revue Hellénique de Droit International, 2008

Having first appeared in 1948, the Revue hellénique de droit international is the brainchild of the Hellenic Institute of International & Foreign Law, roughly founded a decade earlier, and of Professor Petros Vallindas, Institute Director at that time. The Revue was conceived as a means for highlighting the significant contribution that Greek scholars had been continuously making to public and private international law in modern times, but also for promoting knowledge of international law norms and comparative law techniques to the ever-growing, world-wide Greek legal community.

Six decades later, having grown considerably over the years, the Revue continues to serve this purpose by providing the following to a host of readers throughout the world:

- Articles, studies and notes on private international law, public international law, international business law, foreign law and comparative law;
- Presentation and analysis of Greek legal developments which are of focal interest to the international audience;
- Publication of translated key Greek codes and statutes;
- Reports and commentaries on international and domestic court decisions applying private and public international law and European community law;
- Information on international documents signed, ratified or acceded to by the Hellenic Republic; and
- Book reviews.

The Revue is characterized by variety: it was – and still remains – the only Greek legal periodical exclusively in a language other than Greek. Ιt hosts a selection of contributions written in English, French and German; contributing authors are acclaimed scholars and young professionals alike, reporting from different jurisdictions of a great number of countries from all continents. It is set up and edited by a team of dedicated junior researchers, with the assistance of a scientific committee under the overall supervision by Professor Spyridon Vrellis, current Institute Director.

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Revue Hellénique de Droit International
61ème ANNÉE, 2008
© 2008
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Spyridon VRELLIS.- En guise d’introduction

Constantine ANTONOPOULOS.- The UN Security Council and genocide

Anthony AUST.- The United Nations

Pascale BLOCH.- Where should commercial law be going ?

Michael BOGDAN.- The new EC rules on summary proceedings in civil and commercial matters

László BURIÁN.- Personal law of companies and freedom of establish­ment

Olivier CORTEN & Anne LAGERWALL.- La violation d’un cessez-le-feu constitue-t-elle nécessairement une violation de l’article 2§4 de la Charte des Nations Unies ?

Malgosia FITZMAURICE.- The tale of two judges: Sir Hersch Lauterpacht and Sir Gerald Fitzmaurice – Human rights and the interpretation of treaties

Rainer FRANK.- Kollisionsrechtliches Günstigkeitsprinzip und Kindeswohl als Entscheidungsmaßstab

Hélène GAUDEMET-TALLON.- Le principe de proximité dans le Règle­ment Rome

Frank HOFFMEISTER & Petr ONDRUSEK.- The European Community in international litigation

Dionysia KALLINIKOU.- Copyright promoting arts and economy

Syméon KARAGIANNIS.- À propos de la révision du traité sur l’Union européenne effectuée de manière non conforme à la procédure de révision

Antonios KARAMPATZOS.- Haftungsfreizeichnungsklauseln im griech­isch­en und deutschen Kaufrecht sowie im DCFR – Die Dichotomie zwischen Individual- und Verbrauchsgüterkauf

Athanasios KARDARAS.- Der Mindestlohn

Catherine KESSEDJIAN.- Uniformity v. diversity in law in a global world – The example of commercial and procedural law

Christian KOHLER.- Gerichtliche Zuständigkeit, richterliches Ermessen und Prozessführung im Binnenmarkt – Zur Revision der Verordnung Nr. 44/2001 im Lichte der Rechtsprechung des Gerichtshofs der Europäischen Gemeinschaften

Robert KOLB.- Deux questions ponctuelles relatives au droit de l’occupation de guerre

Karl KREUZER.- Sharî’a-Staaten und universale Menschenrechte

Marie-Christine DE LAMBERTYE-AUTRAND.- La connexité dans le Règlement Bruxelles I du 22 décembre 2000 à la lumière de la jurisprudence de la Cour de justice des Communautés européennes

Konstantinos D. MAGLIVERAS.- Some thoughts on a possible involvement of the ICC Prosecutor in the recent armed conflict in the Gaza Strip

Harris P. MEIDANIS.- Sale and purchase of vessels before Greek courts – How safe is the choice of foreign law made by the parties? The controversial discussion on article 479 of the Greek Civil Code

Maurice MENDELSON.- International dispute settlement: developments and challenges

Eleftheria NEFRAMI.- La répartition intra-communautaire des compétences et les États tiers sous le prisme de la clause de déconnexion

Hans Ulrich JESSURUN D’OLIVEIRA.- The non-election rule and procedural treatment of foreign law: some observations

Dimitra PAPADOPOULOU-KLAMARIS.- Medically-assisted reproduction in Greek law

Monika PAUKNEROVÁ.- Law applicable to obligations in the European Union: some questions on the borderline (procedural and unilateral undertakings)

François RIGAUX.- La doctrine de l’État de Hegel à Nietzsche

Christos L. ROZAKIS.- The law of State immunity revisited: the case law of the European Court of Human Rights

Pavel ŠTURMA.- Enforcing international obligations through the use of force?

Haris TAGARAS.- Quelques réflexions sur le difficile équilibre entre la transparence et la protection des données personnelles

Harry Duintjer TEBBENS.- The European Union and the Athens Convention on maritime carriers’ liability for passengers in case of accidents: an incorporation adventure

Ioanna THOMA.- Culpa in contrahendo in the Rome II Regulation

Grigoris I. TSALTAS.- L’aspect géostratégique de la Méditerranée : le cas particulier de l’application des principes de la Convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer par les États côtiers

Dimitrios TSIKRIKAS.- The European dimension of provisional measures

Spyridon VRELLIS.- La légitimation d’un enfant né hors mariage : une institution en déclin – Regards comparatifs sur le droit matériel et les conflits des lois

Pelayia YESSIOU-FALTSI.- The European Enforcement Order after five years of experience in Greece

Angelos YOKARIS.- L’apport de la Grèce à la jurisprudence des tribunaux internationaux

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