K. Kerameus, Studia Iuridica V, 2008

K. Kerameus, Studia Iuridica V, 2008

This volume contains essays and articles exclusively written in languages other than Greek during the years 1993-2006. Some of them are published here for the first time. In many, but not in all instances, the present publication is not the first one. However, quite a number of pieces come here for the first time in modern legal discourse. Regardless of the first or subsequent publication, what appears here is the initial study, and in its initial language.
In terms of content, the present volume V mainly pertains to civil procedure:
I: General Part of Civil Procedure, nos. 423-435;
II: Provisional Relief, nos. 436-438;
III: Arbitration, nos. 439-443;
IV: Enforcement, nos. 444-462;
V: The Brussels Convention and Regulation EC 44/2001, nos. 463-477;
VI: Comparative Law and Legal Harmonization, nos. 478-491;
VII: Substantive Law, nos. 492-505; and
VIII: Varia, nos. 506-525.
The division between civil procedure and substantive law has been kept. However, even in the procedural ambit some thematic preference becomes visible. Topics like provisional relief, arbitration, enforcement, international jurisdiction, and comparative law, including legal harmonization, make themselves growingly relevant. In this respect, one might consider such topics as a balanced mirror as well of actual procedural framework or, in modern parlance, of common frame of reference, within the European Union.


Με τους τελευταίους τόμους των Studia Juridica ολοκληρώνεται η δημοσίευση των μικρότερων μελετών του καθηγητή Κ. Δ. Κεραμέως.

Όπως τονίζεται στον πρόλογο του τόμου IV σ. IX, «Είναι προφανής η διεύρυνση του διεθνούς και συγκριτικού προβληματισμού στις δικονομικές και τις συναφείς ουσιαστικού δικαίου αναζητήσεις. Αυτή η σχετική ανακατανομή βάρους βρίσκεται σε αρμονία προς χαρακτηριστικές τάσεις της εποχής μας, ιδίως την απονομή κεντρικής σημασίας στο δικονομικό διεθνές δίκαιο». Ακόμη πιο έντονη είναι η αμοιβαία αλληλεξάρτηση των νομικών ρυθμίσεων στο πεδίο των διεθνών συναλλαγών. Η αγγλική γλώσσα παραμένει κυριαρχούσα και το εφαρμοζόμενο εκάστοτε δίκαιο κινείται στη σύγκλιση ιδιωτικού και δημοσίου δικαίου, ημεδαπού και αλλοδαπού, εσωτερικού και διεθνούς, κοινού και συνταγματικού δικαίου.

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Preface VII
Contents IX
Greek Legal Abbreviations XIII


423. Civil Justice in Greece

424. Dictionnaire de la Justice : Grèce (Époque contemporaine)

425. L’ordre public dans le procès. Procédure civile, pénale, adminis-trative, arbitrale

426. Pouvoirs du juge et réforme procédurale. Considérations sur l’expérience hellénique

427. Some Thoughts About the Function of Jurisdiction in Our Era

428. Closing Speech at the Thessaloniki International Colloquium of 21-25 May 1997

429. Procedural Tools in the Different European States Concerning the Uniform Interpretation of Law by the Supreme Courts: A Comparative Presentation

430. Impact of a Civil Claim in Criminal Proceedings on Issues of Ju-risdiction and Res Judicata

431. Main Features of the Greek Law of Evidence

432. Lawyers’ Professional Duties under Greek Law

433. Statut et responsabilité des huissiers de justice en droit helléni-que

434. Validity of Service under Greek Law

435. Der griechische Sanierungsvergleich und die Drittwiderspruchs-klage


436. Provisional Relief in a Comparative Perspective. An Address

437. Provisional Remedies in Transnational Litigation

438. Finality of Judgments with Regard to Injunctions under Greek Law


439. The New Greek Law on International Commercial Arbitration

440. International Arbitration and Investment Protection

441. Anti-Suit Injunctions in ICSID Arbitration

442. La contribution de l’arbitrage à l’harmonisation internationale des règles de procédure civile

443. Waiver of Setting-Aside Procedures in International Arbitration


444. Constitutional Parameters of Civil Enforcement

445. Problèmes actuels des voies d’exécution civile en droit helléni-que

446. Remarques comparatives sur l’exécutatibité

447. Provisional Enforceability of Judgments

448. Geldvollstreckungsarten in vergleichender Betrachtung

449. Parties in Enforcement Proceedings from a Comparative View-point

450. Enforcement against the State and State Entities in a Compara-tive Perspective

451. Sanctions against Non-Compliance with Enforceability

452. Instances and Consequences of Illegal Enforcement

453. Further Requirements to Enforcement Proceedings in a Com-parative Perspective

454. Development of Enforcement Proceedings in a Comparative Perspective

455. Comparative Aspects of Litigation Pertaining to Enforcement

456. Problems of Levy in a Comparative Perspective

457. Sale or Collection of Assets Levied Upon

458. Garnishment in a Comparative Perspective

459. Distribution Proceedings and Relationships among Creditors in a Comparative Perspective

460. Enforcement of Non-Money Judgments and Orders in a Com-parative Perspective

461. Actual Problems of Enforcement Law in the European Union

462. Table ronde sur l’injonction de payer européenne – Conclusions


463. La Convention de Bruxelles : Un aperçu général

464. Modern Perspectives of International Jurisdiction

465. La compétence internationale en matière délictuelle dans la Convention de Bruxelles

466. Vertrag und Delikt in der Rechtsprechung des Gerichtshofs der Europäischen Gemeinschaften

467. The Brussels Convention: Scope of Application and Lis Alibi Pendens. A Legal Opinion

468. Jurisdiction under the Brussels Convention for Judicial Costs. A Legal Opinion

469. Neuerungen im Hinblick auf die internationale Zuständigkeit nach der Verordnung 44/2001

470. The Scope of Application of the Brussels Convention and its Ex-tension to Matrimonial Matters

471. Jurisdiction under the Regulation EC 44/2001: Place of Per-formance of the Contract and Some Matters of Lis Pendens

472. Erweiterung des EuGVÜ-Systems und Verhältnis zu Drittstaa-ten

473. Enforcement of Judgments under Council Regulation (EC) No 44/2001 of 22 December 2000. Some Introductory Remarks

474. The Scope of Recognition of Judgments: Requirements Other than the Jurisdictional Ones

475. Das Brüsseler Vollstreckungsübereinkommen und das griechi-sche Recht der Anerkennung und Vollstreckung von ausländi-schen Entscheidungen

476. Fonction et nécessité d’un passeport judiciaire

477. La traduction des actes dans le règlement du 29 mai 2000


478. Procedural Harmonization in Europe

479. Political Integration and Procedural Convergence in the Euro-pean Union

480. Une procédure civile sans frontières : Harmonisation et unifica-tion du droit procédural

481. Angleichung des Zivilprozessrechts in Europa : Einige grundle-gende Aspekte

482. Procédure civile nationale et exigences communautaires

483. Some Reflections on Procedural Harmonisation: Reasons and Scope

484. Der Zivilprozess und die internationale Rechtsentwicklung

485. International Procedural Harmonization and Autonomous In-terpretation

486. Scope of Application of the ALI / UNIDROIT Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure

487. Procedural Implications of Civil Law Unification

488. Problems of Drafting a European Civil Code

489. Rechtsvergleichende Bemerkungen zur autonomen Urteilsvoll-streckung im Ausland

490. Comparative Law and Comparative Lawyers: Opening Remarks

491. Quelques réflexions sur le sort actuel du droit comparé


492. Wrongs Done and Undone

493. Quelques réflexions sur la longueur et la complexité des textes normatifs

494. Equity in Modern Greek Law

495. Grèce : Un aperçu du système juridique

496. L’influence du Code civil en Europe centrale et orientale

497. Die Kodifikation als Voraussetzung für Rezeptionen

598. Procedural Implications of Private Law Classification

599. Some Aspects of Greek Tort Law

500. Wrongfulness under Greek Law

501. Causation under Greek Law

502. Contributory Negligence under Greek Law

503. Strict Liability under Greek Law

504. Liability for Damage Caused by Others under Greek Law

505. Non-Pecuniary Loss under Greek Law


506. Foreigners and Nationals in Legal Contexts

507. Constraints and Freedom as Parameters of Law

508. Law Student Writing in the United States and Europe

509. Some Reflections on Modern Legal Education

510. Book Review of F. Juenger, Choice of Law and Multistate Justice

511. The Hellenic Institute of International and Foreign Law - 60 Years of Service to the Legal Community

512. Glimpses at Modern Legal Conceptions

513. XIVth International Congress of Comparative Law – Opening Ceremony

514. XVth International Congress of Comparative Law – Concluding Remarks

515. XVIth International Congress of Comparative Law – Opening Address

516. Préface à la troisième édition du Code civil hellénique

517. Ocean Bills of Lading – Foreword

518. Questions Speciales de la Convention de Bruxelles – Préface

519. André Gasis in memoriam (1909-2000)

520. Giuseppe Tarzia en tant que maître de la procédure civile inter-nationale

521. Laudatio auf W. Henckel in Athen

522. R. Perrot, Docteur honoris causa à Athènes

523. Doktor honoris causa in Hamburg (1993) – Ansprache

524. Réponse à l’éloge du Professeur Jacques Foyer lors de la remise du titre de Docteur honoris causa par l’Université Paris II (2000)

525. Doktor honoris causa in Wien (2003) – Ansprache


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