Greek Copyright Law

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Συγγραφέας: Κουμάντος Γεώργιος, Σταματούδη Ειρήνη

This book is a reprint of the chapter on Greece from P. E. Geller (ed.) International Copyright Law and Practice, Matthew Bender, US, 2013 edition. It is an authoritative commentary on Greek copyright law by two leading experts in the field. It was written up to 2000 by George Koumantos (†2007) and from 2001 onwards by Irini Stamatoudi. It offers a useful insight into both the letter and spirit of Greek copyright law and follows the developments in the area. Its structure and style are friendly to the readers even those who are not acquainted with Greek law. It can prove a valuable tool for academics, researchers, practitioners and policymakers in copyright law and comparative law.

“This is the authorative commentary on Greek copyright law. It is written by two leading experts in the field and it provides an in-depth insight in the letter and spirit of Greek copyright law and practice. All those interested in Greek copyright will find it an invaluable tool!”

Prof Dr Paul L.C. Torremans, School of Law, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

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