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ΕΡΝΟΜΑΚ - Ερμηνεία - Νομολογία Αστικού Κώδικα - 10τομη Ερμηνεία
Αποζημίωση από τροχαία αυτοκινητικά ατυχήματα - 4η έκδοση, Συμπλήρωμα και 4 επιπλέον βιβλία Δωρεάν!
Κώδικας Οδικής Κυκλοφορίας (Κ.Ο.Κ.: Ν. 2696/1999) έκδοση 2009 & Συμπλήρωμα
Θεμελιώδεις διατάξεις σχέσεων Κράτους-Θρησκευμάτων - Γ' έκδοση
Εγχειρίδιο Εκκλησιαστικού Δικαίου - Γ' έκδοση
Recent Publications
jus, ars, philosophia et historia Festschrift für Johannes Strangas zum 70. Geburtstag
in Verbindung mit Antonello Calore, Photios Katzouros, Jens Petersen, Otto Pfersmann, herausgegeben von Dimitris Charalambis und Charis Papacharalambous
Author: Mantzanas Michael, Bauer Thomas A., Dellaportas Georges, D’Agostino Francesco, Hösle Vittorio...
Ο διανοητής Ιωάννης Στράγγας, στον οποίο είναι αφιερωμένος ο παρών Τιμητικός Τόμος, αφοσιώθησε σε τρία πεδία του επιστητού: στη δικαιογνωσία, στη φιλοσοφία και στη μουσική σύνθεση.   Der Denker, dem die vorliegende Festschrift gewidmet ist, hat sich drei Wissensbereichen hingegeben: der Rechtskunde, der Philosophie und der Komposition....
Price: €180,00

Provisional measures in Italian and Greek Law
Editors: Professors Kalliopi Makridou - Georgios Diamantopoulos. [Series: Greek and Foreign Civil Procedural Systems - Vol. 3]
Author: Carpi Federico, Lupoi Michele Angelo, Rasia Carlo, Apalagaki Charoula, Asimakopoulou Evangelia S....
Essays from esteemed colleagues comparing the Italian and Greek procedural law....
Price: €18,00

The Doctrine of Necessity in Constitutional Law
Author: Kombos Constantinos
The book deals with the most classical question of Cypriot law: the Law of Necessity. The approach towards such a fundamental issue is innovative, thoroughly detailed and founded on constructively critical argumentation. The author emphasizes the uniqueness of the importance of the Law of Necessity for the Cypriot legal system as well as the intern...
Price: €34,00

The Impact of EU law on Cypriot Public Law
Author: Kombos Constantinos
The book adopts a critical yardstick and focuses on the implementation of fundamental principles of EU law by the Cyprus courts and places the emphasis on the field of public law. The approach of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus as to the constitutional principles of EU law (principle of the supremacy and direct effect) is thoroughly ana...
Price: €32,00

Fundamental Rights and Private Relations in Greek and European Law
Foreword: Petros I. Pararas, Professor Emeritus at the Democritus University of Thrace, Emeritus Vice President of the Counsil of State
Author: Akrivopoulou Christina M., Deliyanni-Dimitrakou Christina
The book at hand is the result of this scientific collaboration. Its scope is to fill the gap within both the Greek and international academic theory regarding the horizontal effect of fundamental rights. Although at a European level the question at issue has been in the centre of several collective endeavours, it has never been thoroughly studied ...
Price: €30,00

Festschrift für Professor Nikolaos K. Klamaris - ΙΙ
Author: Kengyel Miklós, Ahrens Hans-Jürgen, Althammer Christoph, Andrews Neil, Ballon Oskar J....
Mit der vorliegenden Festschrift möchten Freunde, Kollegen und Schüler von Herrn Professor Klamaris ihm die gebührende Ehre für seine Verdienste um die Prozessrechtswissenschaft erweisen....
Price: €140,00

Greek Copyright Law
Author: Koumantos George, Stamatoudi Irini
This book is a reprint of the chapter on Greece from P. E. Geller (ed.) International Copyright Law and Practice, Matthew Bender, US, 2013 edition. It is an authoritative commentary on Greek copyright law by two leading experts in the field. It was written up to 2000 by George Koumantos (†2007) and from 2001 onwards by Irini Stamatoudi. It offers a...
Price: €34,00

Greek Law On Partnerships and Corporations - 4th edition
Author: Kotsiris Lambros E.
EU and national new legislative developments have urged us to produce this edition. Besides, the need to adapt to the new economic environment and to reorientate investments has pushed company law to identify itself between simplicity and complexity, freedom and law safety by loosening the traditional structure of company forms....
Price: €75,00

The Fair Balance
Author: Sarmas Ioannis
This book presents the means and the process by which fair balance solutions are shaped. Readers will find in it no recommendations to policy makers on social arrangements to be established, or proposals for solutions to social conflicts. Normative theories of justice, such as egalitarianism, utilitarianism or contractarianism, will be addressed, b...
Price: €58,00

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